Standard Prepay Workflow

SimplePhoto prepay events are used to generate sales and collect customer information before picture day, or for other situations where customers do not need to select an image. SimplePhoto's prepay event system is different from our image gallery e-commerce system in that there are no photographs to choose from in a prepay event. For more information on gallery price lists and managing image galleries, please visit our Help Center.

NOTE: Both systems are available and included with all SimplePhoto account plans.

Prepay Workflow Steps

  1. Create a Prepay Price List
  2. Create a Prepay Event
    • Events can be displayed publicly on your storefront or remain hidden as private events that require a password to access.
    • Set up event scheduling to automatically deactivate your prepay event before or on picture day.
    • Multiple prepay events can be imported using a CSV file.
  3. Direct traffic to your event 
    • Create event-specific email template links for your prepay events that your schools/organizations can share with parents/customers.
    • Include your storefront link and prepay event password on your school and/or sports flyers.
    • Import emails or cell phone numbers into your event and set up email or text triggers to be sent out to parents reminding them to order before picture day.
  4. Customers enter contact information and place their order
    • Prepay events don’t have to be just for immediate sales - you can also use our prepay event system as a way just to collect customer information for future events, including for use in SimplePhoto’s Marketing System.
  5. Picture Day / Prepay Ends
  6. Order Fulfillment

Note: SimplePhoto does NOT fulfill orders as we are NOT a photography lab. We are a photographer sales and presentation system that photographers can connect to any lab workflow - including in-house print fulfillment. SimplePhoto members enjoy total choice over what to sell and for how much and are responsible for managing the fulfillment of orders.