Upload a Single Gallery

Upload a Gallery

There are 2 organizational levels within SimplePhoto. There are Galleries and Folders.

Folders are similar to folders on a computer and are used to group galleries into categories. You may also create Folders within other Folders for better organization of your galleries.

 Create a Folder and Gallery:

  1. At the top of your Dashboard click Galleries. Click Add Folder.
  2. Enter a Folder Name (e.g. Wedding or Portrait), an optional Job Number if you have one, and an optional Password if you would like all galleries in the folder to be accessible by one password. For public galleries, leave the password field blank.
  3. You may also enter Gallery Homepage Text, which will appear on the Homepage of each gallery added to this folder. Click Add to add the folder.
  4. To add a gallery to the folder, on the next page click Add Gallery. Enter a Gallery Name. If you would like this gallery to be private, make sure Private Gallery is checked. If the Private Gallery checkbox is checked, a password will be auto-generated in the password field, or you may create your own password. If the Private Gallery checkbox is not checked, a link to this gallery will be publicly accessible from your storefront.
  5. Click Add to add the gallery.

 To Upload Images to the new gallery:

  1. Click Upload Images.
  2. Click the Add Folder link to add a folder full of images or the Add more files link to add individual files.
  3. If you want to upload files from other folders, repeat steps above.
  4. Click the --Upload Now-- button.
  5. You may also drag folders of photos to the area that says Drop files here...

Note: The image upload plugin needs the latest version of Java in order to work correctly in the Safari browser. In this event you may either update Java or use another browser like Google Chrome or Firefox.

Note: The order in which images appear in the uploader determines the order of the images in the gallery.  We do not yet have the ability to sort images in a gallery alphabetically after the upload occurs.

NoteIf you're a lab customer wanting automated order fulfillment, the lab must upload on your behalf.

Note: Folders may contain galleries OR subfolders, but they may not contain both galleries and subfolders. If a folder contains no galleries or only subfolders of galleries, you may move another folder inside this parent folder.

If you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari:

You can right-click in the upload pane where you see the list of images and select the Details option.  You can also sort the images by filename by clicking the Name column header. 

If you are using Google Chrome:

Images can be sorted alphabetically in the image selection window that appears when you click the Add more files button.