CSV Import

We recommend using Google Sheets to create/manage your spreadsheet. Click here to download an example import.

Set up a spreadsheet that follows the listing below for column headers, in this exact order. Capitalization, spelling, spacing all are important. Your column headers must match what's below exactly. (Example: Column A cannot be "Job" it must be "Job Name")

A. Job Name
B. Image Filename
C. Password
D. Last Name
E. First Name
F. Homeroom
G. Email Address 1
H. Email Address 2
I. Mobile Phone 1
J. Mobile Phone 2

The "Job Name" field should be the same for every record in an import. If the "Job Name" value matches an existing folder in your account, the new galleries will be added to that existing folder.

For jobs with multiple images per student - All images with the same password will be added to the same gallery. If there are repeated passwords in a tab-delimited import, one gallery will be created for each unique password. Each image/pose will have the same password listed in column C and they must be one-after-another (sequential) in the CSV/spreadsheet.

Passwords are not case-sensitive. If you leave the Password field blank, a random password will be generated.

You can leave any field blank/empty that you don't know or isn't applicable. (Example: if you don't collect phone numbers, still include "Mobile Phone 1" and "Mobile Phone 2" as headers for Columns I and J but leave them blank)

The student's name does not appear on the website that students and parents see. When an order is placed, the student's name will appear in the order notification email sent to photographers.

NOTE - There can be no variations of how you set up your information; it has to match our specifications exactly.

To upload via CSV import you have to use the Chrome web browser. Login to SimplePhoto > click on Import > click on CSV Import. (currently, the only browser that supports this import type is Chrome.)

You'll have a folder on the computer with all the images inside + the .CSV file (created from your spreadsheet). If using Google Sheets, go to File > Download > Comma Separate Value (.csv)] You'll select the master/school folder to import; do not drill down and select individual student folders/images. Note - a Tab Delimited (.tsv) file will also work with the CSV import.