Flow CSV Uploading

Note: If you are using the CSV Import method to import jobs from FLOW, we recommend that you begin using an FTP program like WinSCP or Filezilla to transfer the Flow CSV export folders. Please contact a support representative to receive FTP information.

Flow CSV exports uploaded to the SimplePhoto FTP server usually take between 30 minutes and one hour to process.

Follow these instructions to create a CSV export using Flow:

  1. Click the Export Current Project button in the upper right-hand corner or click the Import/Export Project link in the navigation area on the left-hand side of the screen. 
  2. Click the Export Project tab and click the ImageMatch button. 
  3. Select the Save ImageMatch Data/Images Locally option.
  4. Select the desired Destination folder. A folder will be created inside of this folder with the project name.
  5. If using the Group Photos feature within FLOW, select "Treat Group Photos as...POSE". 
  6. Click the Export IM button to perform the export.

Phone number and email addresses in Flow CSV uploads
Currently when Flow CSV uploads are uploaded to the SimplePhoto FTP site, SimplePhoto uses email address stored in the "Email" and "Email2" fields. For text message notifications, SimplePhoto will use the first phone number found in these fields: "Home Phone", "Phone", "Company Phone", or "PhoneNumber".

How do I make the gallery password the same as the Student ID (or other field)?
By default, SimplePhoto will use the "Ticket Code" field value as the gallery password. Use the following instructions if you'd like to use another field(such as "Student ID") instead. After exporting your CSV file, open the document in a program like Excel. Copy the column you wish to use for the gallery password (i.e. Student ID). Find the column used for the gallery password (in FLOW Exports, this is typically “Ticket Code”) and paste the information here. Save your document and upload to SimplePhoto using the instructions above.

Upload the CSV to SimplePhoto (using the web browser, see note above)
Login to SimplePhoto > click on Import > click on CSV Import. Currently, the only browser that supports this import type is Chrome.

You'll have a folder on the computer with all the images inside + the .CSV file (created from your spreadsheet). If using Google Sheets, go to File > Download > Comma Separate Value (.csv). You'll select the master/school folder to import; do not drill down and select individual student folders/images.  Note - a Tab Delimited (.tsv) file will also work with the CSV import.