PhotoLynx - ImageMatch Uploading

ImageMatch exports can be uploaded using the PhotoLynx ImageMatch link on the SimplePhoto Imports screen. If your studio is uploading more than a few ImageMatch exports, please contact our support team to be setup with an FTP server login that can be used to upload a high volume of ImageMatch exports. It takes at least 40 minutes for PhotoLynx jobs uploaded to the FTP site to appear. 
SimplePhoto currently expects email addresses included in ImageMatch exports to be in fields labeled "EmailAddress", "EmailAddress2", and "EmailAddress3". Mobile phone numbers should be included in a field labeled "MobilePhone". If you would like to include email addresses or phone numbers in fields with a different label, please let us know and we will make the adjustment necessary.


Can we adjust the size of the images generated by an ImageMatch export?
Yes, you can adjust the "Max Large Image Size" setting inside the SimplePhoto export window in ImageMatch. 
How is the Folder Title generated by SimplePhoto when an ImageMatch job is imported?
When a CamLynx or ImageMatch job is imported by SimplePhoto, the Folder Title in SimplePhoto is created as follows:
  • If values are provided in both the Venue Name and Event Label fields, the SimplePhoto Folder Title will be the Venue Name value and the Event Label value separated by a dash (e.g. "Venue Name-Event Label").
  • If no value is provided in the Venue Name field, the SimplePhoto Folder Title will be the value of the Event Label.
How does SimplePhoto check to see if a Folder already exists when processing an ImageMatch job?
SimplePhoto checks to see if a Folder already exists with the same exact Folder Title and Job Number.  If a matching Folder exists, the new galleries are added to the existing Folder. The  Job Number stored in the SimplePhoto Folder corresponds to the  Event ID shown in the SimplePhoto Export Setup window inside ImageMatch