How to Create an Email Template link to Galleries

  1. Login to your SimplePhoto account, and click the Marketing link at the top of your Dashboard.
  2. Click Email Templates.
  3. Click on the Add Gallery Notification Template button.
  4. Enter a name in the Email Template Title box. The Email Template Title does not appear to customers. (Ex: Memorial Day promo or Fall Free Wallet Promo)
  5. Leave the Type drop-down box as it is; Gallery Notification.
  6. Enter an Email Subject in the corresponding box; this will appear in the customer's Email Subject Line. (ex: Your images are online, Photo Deals from [CompanyName] or 24 Hours Left to Order!)
  7. You may use any default text found in the Email Text box or enter your own custom text.
  8. To add an image graphic that links to galleries: 
    1. Click on the Image icon button in the text editor bar (looks like a mountain landscape with a sun, to the Right of the size drop-down box; this will let you upload an image).
    2. Click on the Link tab, inside the pop-up and paste the parameter text [GalleryLinkAddress] inside the URL box. See this help file for additional information about parameters: Email Template Parameters
    3. Select an optional Target or leave as-is, <not set>. When customers click the image, they will be redirected to their gallery or event. 
    4. Click on the Upload Tab, inside the pop-up box and then click the Choose File button to select your image graphic jpg or png.
    5. Click the Send it to Server button (once the appropriate file is selected). Once the image is loaded in the Preview box, you may adjust the width, height, or alignment if needed, and then click OK.
  9. We typically suggest adding some additional text to the bottom of the email in case the receiver has trouble viewing the image. This often helps reduce the chance of your email being sent to spam. The text could either be additional information or repeated text from the graphic image.
  10. Click the Submit button once complete.
  11. Note: It's always a good idea to send at least 1 or 2 test emails before sending the email to customers.

Tips to improve email deliverability
Below are some tips that might help keep your email notifications from landing in your customer's SPAM folder or the Gmail "Promotions" tab:

  • Make sure your email contains text (not just text in graphics).
  • Things like excessive capitalization/punctuation or certain phrases in the email subject line or email text cause emails to go to Gmail's promotion tab.