Advanced Order Reporting

Instructions for running an Advanced Order Report:

  1. In the SimplePhoto Control Panel, click on the Reports tab and then click Advanced Order ReportingPlease note: A new web browser tab will open when you visit the Advanced Order Reporting site. New orders should appear in the Advanced Order Reporting system within 10 minutes of being placed.
  2. Adjust the desired Start Date and End Date
  3. Select an optional Folder if running the Compact Orders report or the Prepay CSV Export. If subfolders exist inside a parent folder, you may select a child folder. If no child folders exist in the parent folder, click the Select button to select the parent folder or navigate Back to Home to select a different folder.
    • The Compact Orders report uses the folder selection to show only orders for that folder. Without a folder selection, it shows all orders.
    • The Prepay CSV report uses the folder selection to show only prepay orders for that folder. The prepay CSV report can also show orders for an individual prepay event if a prepay event is selected. If both are selected, it will use the prepay event.
  4. Click one of the green buttons for the report you would like to run.
  5. To download a CSV of your report, click the green CSV button located in the top-right corner of the report. The CSV download button can be found in the following reports: Product by Folder, Products by Price List, Sales by Folder, Sales by Top Level Folder, Sales by Day, Sales by Month, and Order Source. 

Advanced Order Reports:

  • Compact Orders - offers a concise printable view of all orders for a given date range.
  • Products By Folder - view top-selling products grouped by school or folder.
  • Products By Price List - view top-selling products for each price list in your account.
  • Sales By Folder - view sales totals broken down by school or folder.
  • Sales By Top Level Folder - view sales totals for all top-level folders.
  • Sales By Day - compare daily sales for a date range against last year’s sales.
  • Sales By Month - compare monthly sales for a date range against last year’s sales.
  • Order Source - learn how customers are accessing their prepay event or gallery after an order is placed.
  • Prepay CSV Export - download order information for a prepay event or folder of prepay events.