Advanced Order Reporting: Reorder CSV Export

Supported product types: Standard quantity products, checkbox products, fixed package products, variable package products, threshold products, and yearbook pose products.

Unsupported product types: fixed and variable package add-ons, composite products, customer text entry boxes, and product options (background selections, drop-down selections, text entry boxes, or checkbox selections).

Instructions for exporting a CSV file of reorder data for a folder:

  1. In the SimplePhoto Control Panel, click on the Reports tab and then click Advanced Order ReportingPlease note: A new web browser tab will open when you visit our new Advanced Order Reporting site. New orders should appear in the Advanced Order Reporting system within 10 minutes of being placed.
  2. Adjust the desired Start Date and End Date
  3. Select the Folder containing the applicable image galleries. If subfolders exist inside the parent folder, you may select a child folder. If no child folders exist in the parent folder, click the Select button to select the parent folder or navigate Back to Home to select a different folder. Note: The Reorder CSV report uses the folder selection to show only orders for that folder.
  4. Click the button for Reorder CSV Export.

Notes about the "Reorder CSV Export" feature:

  • Please be aware that lab products WITH product codes MUST be set up and associated to the products in your price list before orders are placed. If lab products are associated or updated after an order is placed, these changes will not be reflected in the order report. Please contact a customer success representative at if you need help setting up lab products for your price list.
  • Each image filename will appear in its own column. For example, if an order includes 5 products from 3 different poses, that order will appear as three rows in the CSV data. Order number and many other columns are repeated.