Download Prepay Order Data Report

Instructions to run a report of prepay order data:
  1. Access the Download Prepay Order Data screen by either clicking the View Orders button on a prepay event's Event Control Panel screen. Alternatively, you can click on the Reports tab at the top of your dashboard, click on the Orders by Folder Prepay Only report option, then click on the Gallery ID link located next to the Prepay Event Name you want to work with (Gallery ID is the far Left column).
  2. Adjust the dates at the top of the screen if desired, click on the Change Dates button.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and select the bullet option next to the preferred Export Type. Most clients use the default, Package selections in a single column option.
  4. Select the Export File Format type you want to work with.
  5. Scroll back up and click the Download Prepay Data button.

To easily deactivate an event after downloading prepay order data, a "Deactivate Event Now" link will appear just under the "Download Prepay Data" button after prepay order data is downloaded. If this link is clicked, a confirmation message will appear. If the action is confirmed, the event will be deactivated and you will see the event control panel screen.

Codes seen in the "Packages" column in prepay order data are controlled by product codes setup inside lab products. See our How to setup Lab Products help file for information about setting up lab products. Please note that if the prepay data export type shows product codes, only lab products that have a product code populated will be included in the downloaded prepay order data.