Your account may have multiple shipping options. Your price list may contain none, one, or more shipping options.

  1. To create or edit a shipping option, click on Shipping Options under the Price Lists pane from your Dashboard.
  2. To create a new shipping option, click Add Shipping Option.
  3. Enter the name you would like customers to see beside this fee in your shopping cart. (ex: Shipping & Handling, UPS Express Shipping, Shipping & Handling plus $10.00 late fee, Studio Pick Up, etc)
  4. Enter the cost for this shipping option. 
  5. (Optional) Add an additional percentage-based fee to the shipping option.The total shippable cart total will be multiplied by this percentage and the fee will be added to the order total. This option is typical for adding a "convenience fee" or "processing fee". Note: both the shipping fee and additional percentage-based fee will appear as a single line item in checkout. 
  6. When Shipping Fees are set up as a “Pick Up Option,” the customer will not be prompted to enter their shipping address. The customer will instead be prompted to enter Contact Information.
  7. Enter an Option Description for this Shipping Option (Ex: Orders will be shipping between 5-7 business days). The description appears below the Shipping Name inside your shopping cart.

Tiered Pricing for Shipping Cost

Click the "Switch to Tiered Pricing" link to enable tiered pricing for shipping.  

Example tiered shipping settings:

 Order Price  Shipping Price
 0.00  3.00
 10.00  2.00
 20.00  1.00
An order that totals $15.00 will have a shipping charge of $2.00.

Popular Shipping Types:

  • Deliver to School - Your portraits will be delivered to the school in 2-4 weeks.
  • Shipping & Handling
  • Shipping + Convenience Fee
  • UPS Ground Shipping
  • FedEx Express Shipping - Orders will arrive in 2-3 business days.
  • Pick-Up at Studio - Our studio will contact you when your order is ready for pick up.

Associate Shipping Options to your Price List:

Your price lists may have multiple shipping types associated. You have the option of selecting None, All, or one or more of your custom shipping options.

  1. To add a shipping option to an existing price list, click Price Lists at the top of your Dashboard and then click Edit next to the price list.
  2. Select the shipping type inside the Shipping Options box. To select more than one shipping option, hold down the CTRL key on a PC or the Command key on a Mac.
  3. Click Update to save this change.

Note: If more than one shipping option is selected for a price list, the top-most shipping option will be pre-selected. If you want a different option pre-selected, you will need to create that option above the other in the Shipping Options menu.