Sales Tax

To add sales tax, click Sales Tax under the My Account pane from your Dashboard.

 Sales Tax can be defined for multiple states and zip codes.

  • The first matching sales tax will be applied to an order.
  • In the State/Zip field, enter either a 2 letter State code or a 5 digit zip code.
  • You can define a range of zip codes by separating two zip codes with a dash, such as "30001-30005".
  • Type "ANY" if you need to charge sales tax regardless of where orders are shipped. The "ANY" entry needs to be located below all other sales tax entries or the "ANY" tax rate will be applied regardless of any subsequent entries.
  • If the "Apply to Shipping" checkbox is selected, the shipping charge for an order will be included in the order's tax calculation.

Please Note: Your photography studio is solely responsible for maintaining compliance with sales tax laws. Please contact a tax professional for thorough information on when/if sales tax should be applied to online sales.

By default, sales tax is applied to all orders regardless of the price list used.  If you have a specific price list that should not have sales tax applied, check the Disable Sales Tax checkbox in the Edit section of that price list.