Free Shipping Discounts

A Free Shipping Discount causes any available shipping option associated with a price list to be free. 

Similar to other discounts, the free shipping discount can be set up with the following options:

  • Duration - either indefinitely, until a specific date, or until a certain number of days has passed since the gallery creation date.
  • Discount Codes - only offer free shipping if the customer enters a valid discount code, or don't require a discount code for free shipping.
  • Minimum Sales Total - useful if you'd like the free shipping to only apply to orders greater than a certain dollar amount.
  • Price List - apply to all price lists or specific price lists.
  • Folders, Galleries or Prepay Events - useful if the discount should only apply to a certain school/league/event. Select the discount inside the folder, gallery or event control panel.

To add a discount, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Discounts under the Price Lists pane on your dashboard.
  2. Click the Add Free Shipping button or click the Edit Free Shipping button to adjust an existing free shipping discount.
  3. Enter a Free Shipping Discount Name. When a Free Shipping Discount is redeemed, customers will see the Free Shipping Discount Name and Free Shipping Discount Description in the shopping cart Checkout page.
  4. Determine the Free Shipping Discount Duration. Note: A Free Shipping Discount may be applied indefinitely, end on a specific date, or a Free Shipping Discount may be valid for a certain number of days after a gallery's Creation Date.
  5. If you would like the free shipping discount to be applied automatically, select the radio button next to No Discount Code Needed. If you would like to require that customers enter a code, select the radio button next to Discount Codes and enter the code that you would like your customers to use.
  6. Specify a Minimum Sales Total amount if you would like this Free Shipping Discount to take effect only when a customer's sales total reaches a minimum amount. Select No Minimum Sales Total if a minimum sales total is not required.
  7. The Free Shipping Discount will apply only to galleries that are associated with the selected price lists next to Applies to Price Lists. Choose the "All Price Lists" option to make this Free Shipping Discount apply to all current and future price lists. Hold the command key (on a Mac) or control key (on a PC) to select multiple price lists. 
  8. This Discount will apply only to galleries that are associated with selected price lists. Next to Applies to Price Lists, choose the "All Price Lists" option to make this Discount apply to all current and future price lists. Hold the command key to select multiple price lists. To apply the discount only to a folder, gallery or prepay event rather than a price list, select "None" next to Applies to Price Lists and apply the discount inside the folder/gallery/event control panel instead (see instructions below).
  9. Click Submit when all Discount information is correct.

To associate a free shipping discount to a specific folder, gallery or event, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Click  Galleries at the top of your dashboard.
  2. Click the Control Panel button next to the applicable Folder/Gallery/Event.
  3. Click Edit Folder/Gallery/Prepay Event and select the desired discount from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Update to save. 

Please note, for a folder-level discount, the selected discount will be applied only to galleries and prepay events inside this folder, or galleries and prepay events that belong to direct sub-folders of this folder.

For more information about discounts, click here.