Discounts are a proven way to increase sales for photographers. SimplePhoto provides you with the most complete discount program available!
  • You can offer your customers percentage discounts or dollar amount discounts off of the total purchase price.
  • You can set the discounts to last indefinitely, expire after a certain number of days after Gallery Creation, or expire on a set date.
  • You can require customers to have a discount code to receive discounts or apply discounts to all purchases.
  • You can have a minimum total purchase before the discount applies, or apply it to all orders.
  • You can make discounts specific to a price list AND you can have multiple discounts specific to a price list.
  • You can make discounts specific to a folder, an image gallery, or a prepay event.
  • You can limit customers to using only one discount per order or you can allow customers to use multiple discounts.
All applicable discounts will be deducted from a customer's sales total on the checkout screen. Discounts are available to be applied before/after tax & shipping. If discounts cause a customer's total to drop to zero, the customer will not be able to check out.
SimplePhoto does not include a discount amount when determining the transaction fee for an order. For example, if a $100 order has a $20 discount applied, the customer will pay $80. The SimplePhoto transaction fee for this order will be based on the discounted price of $80.
We currently do not offer discounts to be used for specific products, only percentage/dollar off cart total. For product level discounts, we recommend setting up a threshold product inside your price list.

To add a discount, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to SimplePhoto and click on the Discounts / Coupons / Gift Certificates link located in the Price Lists pane on your Dashboard.
  2. Click Add Discount.
  3. Enter a Discount Name and Description. Customers will see the Discount Name and Discount Description in the shopping cart Checkout page.
  4. Select Discount Type and enter the dollar or percentage off in the corresponding box.
  5. Select Discount Duration. Note: A Discount may be applied indefinitely, end on a specific date, or a Discount may be valid for a certain number of days after a gallery's Creation Date.
  6. If you would like to require customers to have a Discount Code to receive Discounts, select Discount Codes and enter the discount code in the respective box. If you do not wish to require a code, select No Discount Code Needed.
  7. Specify a Minimum Sales Total amount if you would like this Discount to take effect only when a customer's sales total reaches a minimum amount. Select No Minimum Sales Total if a minimum sales total is not required.
  8. Determine whether or not this Discount may be applied to sales tax and shipping charges and select the corresponding box next to Sales Tax and Shipping.
  9. This Discount will apply only to galleries that are associated with selected price lists. Next to Applies to Price Lists, choose the "All Price Lists" option to make this Discount apply to all current and future price lists. Hold the command key to select multiple price lists. To apply the discount only to a folder, gallery or prepay event rather than a price list, select "None" next to Applies to Price Lists and apply the discount inside the folder/gallery/event control panel instead (see instructions below).
  10. Click Submit when all Discount information is correct.

To associate a discount to a specific folder, gallery or event, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Click  Galleries at the top of your dashboard.
  2. Click the Control Panel button next to the applicable Folder/Gallery/Event.
  3. Click Edit Folder/Gallery/Prepay Event and select the desired discount from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Update to save. 

Please note, for a folder-level discount, the selected discount will be applied only to galleries and prepay events inside this folder, or galleries and prepay events that belong to direct sub-folders of this folder.

Discount Settings:

To customize the text field label shown on the shopping cart review screen, click Checkout Settings and enter a new value next to Discount Code Label. If no value is provided, the default value "Discount Code" will be used.

To enable or disable one discount per order, click Checkout Settings and select ON or OFF next to Only allow one Discount per order. Note: This does not apply to coupons; discounts and coupons can be used simultaneously even when the Only allow one Discount per order is turned on.

To add a free shipping discount, click here.