Coupons & Gift Certificates

SimplePhoto has Coupons and Gift Certificates (GC) capability.
  • Like Discounts, you can offer your customers a percentage or dollar amount off of the total purchase with Coupons.
  • Gift Certificates are good only for dollar ($) amounts.
  • You can set up Coupons and Gift Certificates to last indefinitely, expire on a specific date or make valid for a certain number of days.
  • Coupons are one-time use only, unlike Discounts.
  • Gift Certificates are the same as Coupons, except they can carry a balance and can be used until the balance runs out.
  • With each, you generate and distribute a each unique code to customers.
  • Multiple Coupon and Gift Certificate codes can be used in conjunction with one another and can also be used in conjunction with a Discount.
All applicable Coupons or Gift Certificates will be deducted from a customer's sales total on the Checkout screen. Any applicable SimplePhoto transaction fees will apply to Coupon amounts. For example, if a $100 order has a $20 Coupon or Gift Certificate applied, the customer will pay $80. The SimplePhoto transaction fee for this order will be based on the full $100. 
Below are instructions for how to create Coupons/Gift Certificates (GC) and Generate Coupon/GC Codes.
To add a Coupon/GC, follow the instructions below:
  1. Login to your SimplePhoto account and click on Discounts/Coupons/Gift Certificates under the Price Lists pane from your Dashboard.
  2. To make a Coupon/GC, click the Add Coupon Type or Add Gift Certificate Type button.
  3. Enter a Coupon/GC Name (ex: $25 Portrait Sitting Fee Coupon).
  4. Add a description that explains your Coupon/GC (optional).
  5. Select what Type of coupon/GC it will be. The options are either dollar amount or percentage off for coupons and dollar amount for gift certificates.
  6. Select the Duration. Note: A Coupon/GC may be applied indefinitely, end on a specific date, or may be valid for a certain number of days after a gallery's Creation Date.
  7. Specify a Minimum Sales Total amount if you would like this Coupon/GC to take effect only when a customer's sales total reaches a minimum amount. Select No Minimum Sales Total if a minimum sales total is not required.
  8. Determine whether or not this Discount may be applied to sales tax and shipping charges and select the corresponding box next to Sales Tax and Shipping. Not applicable to Gift Certificates.
  9. This Discount will apply only to galleries that are associated with selected price lists. Next to Applies to Price Lists, choose the "All Price Lists" option to make this Discount apply to all current and future price lists. Hold the command key to select multiple price lists. Note: For a Coupon/GC to be used on a gallery by gallery basis, select the None option, and apply the coupon/GC under "Gallery Information" on the Gallery Control Panel.
  10. Click Submit when all Coupon/GC information is correct.
Now that you have created your Coupon/GC , you must Generate Coupon/GC Codes:
  1. Inside the Discounts/Coupons/Gift Certificates screen, click on the Manage Codes button next to the applicable Coupon or Gift Certificate.
  2. Click on the Generate Codes link. To Import Codes, skip to the corresponding section below.
  3. Select how many codes to generate.
  4. Select how many characters they will be in length.
  5. Insert any text/characters you want to add, to insert before the code (optional - ex: For a Senior Coupon, you might want to add "SR" before the generated code or the High School abbreviation "WHS”).
  6. Click on the Generate Codes button.
Import Codes:
  1. If you would like to use your own codes, select the Import Codes link.
  2. Paste a comma-separated list of codes into the box provided.
  3. Click Import Codes.
Underneath the Coupon/GC Codes heading, you will see a list of the computer generated coupon codes. There is a checkbox next to each code which you can select to Deactivate a code, after it has been used.
Note: If a customer loses a code, we suggest you Deactivate the code to prevent its use and re-issue them a newly generated code. 
To keep track of which codes were assigned to whom,  utilize the Export Codes feature:
  1. Click on the Export Codes link, located near the top of the Manage Codes screen.
  2. Select how you want to codes to be separated. (Options include: Comma, Tab, or Line Feed)
  3. Choose the Export File Type. (Options include: Text File, Spreadsheet - Excel, Spreadsheet - OpenOffice)
A common workflow where a coupon is given to a student towards future orders, such as a refund of session fee, is as follows:
  1. Create coupon code(s) inside of SimplePhoto.
  2. If multiple amounts are needed, generate a set of codes for each (ex: 500x - $25 cards, 300x - $50 cards, 250x - $99 cards)
  3. Export the codes out of SimplePhoto.
  4. Some photographers will print the codes off on labels and stick the label on the student's receipt when they pay. Others will print off business cards that have ordering information, studio information, etc with the codes on there. Since the codes are not student-specific yet, you can keep unused cards and use them at future shoots.
  5. Keep the exported spreadsheet of the codes with the cards or labels. As the code is given to the student, someone will write the students name next to the code in the spreadsheet.
Keeping track of student's codes will help in the event they lost their code and the parent calls the studio. It will also let you "deactivate" it if the code gets lost so that others can not find and redeem it.