Threshold Product

A Threshold Product is a product that becomes available for purchase once the order total crosses a threshold price. Useful for promoted products. Threshold products are displayed per checkout transaction at the final phase during the checkout process. Since this is done during checkout, it will only allow for one threshold product to be added per transaction.

  1. Inside of your price list under Add Price List Items, click Threshold Product if the product is optional and free or has a retail price that must be met after the threshold price is crossed. Or click Required Threshold Product if the product is free and you do not wish to make the free product optional after the threshold price is crossed.
  2. In the Product Name field, enter the name of your product (Ex: “1 - Hi Res Image CD”).
  3. You can set a price for this product in the Retail Price field. (Ex: $119.00).
  4. You can set a Threshold Price for this product in the Threshold Price field. (Ex: $250.00).
  5. You can upload a graphic to to this product by clicking Choose File and navigating to the graphic on your computer. You can also add the graphic by dragging and dropping it onto the Choose File button.
  6. In the Description field, you can any descriptive text for this product (See Ex. 1)


1 - Hi Res Image CD

Make your own prints

Save $230!

Note:  This $119 threshold product would only be available if you spend over $250. The threshold product is only seen at the cart level (once you go to your shopping cart) so it doesn’t need to be added to a category.