Other Product Types

Customer Text Entry Box

Collect information from your customers. Example: Student First Name, Student Last Name, Grade, Teacher, Age, etc. Click to view our video tutorial here.

Display Text

Useful for leaving a note to your customer, clarifying information, or instructions. Also used for displaying promotional headers.

Required Product

Required products must be added to a customer's cart before any other products can be added for an image. Typically required products are used in conjunction with required options, so a customer is forced to make a selection before they can add products to their cart.

Required Threshold Product

This product is automatically added to a customer’s cart once the threshold price has been met.

Yearbook Pose

Let's your customers submit their yearbook poses online to make the process easier for you and your schools.

Digital Download

Let's your customers download hi-res digital downloads. More details are loacted here. To view a video tutorial about how to add a digital download to your price list, click here.