Green Screen Digital Download

Digital download products will be rendered with background selections when the following conditions are met:

  • The Green Screen Digital Download setting in the Price List Settings screen is enabled.
  • High resolution PNG gallery images with transparency have been uploaded.
  • High resolution background images have been uploaded to a green screen lab product option.

Green Screen Digital Downloads are supported for the following product types:

  • A-la-carte products
  • Package products in a fixed or variable package
  • Package add-on products

If there is a required "Select Background" product with a background selection option in the price list and an a-la-carte digital download is added to the cart without a product-level background selection option, the required background selection will be applied to the digital download.

If a background selection is available for an a-la-carte digital download product, customers will be able to add digital downloads to their cart with the same image and different background selections.


The Green Screen Digital Download feature has just been released recently, so we recommend that you place some test orders to verify the digital download products are rendered and fulfilled as expected.

Only images and backgrounds uploaded that are larger than 900 pixels on the longest side will be considered high resolution images. If you'd like to upload images smaller than 900 pixels on the longest side and sell digital download products for those images, please contact the SimplePhoto support team so we can make the necessary configuration changes.

SimplePhoto's digital download feature has an "All images in a gallery" option. Currently, this feature will not work as expected when a background selection is present. SimplePhoto currently cannot render a background selection on all gallery images when the "All images in a gallery" option is enabled for a digital download product.

Green screen Digital Download products cannot be sold as composite product image nodes (since currently options are not allowed on composite product image nodes).

The Green Screen Digital Download will not function properly if the green screen lab product is set to be an order option.