Scheduled Products

Run limited-time promotions by assigning start and end dates to automatically activate and deactivate various products, packages or entire categories at a specific date and time.

Supported product types: Standard quantity products, checkbox products, fixed packages, variable packages, composite products, threshold products, yearbook pose products, digital downloads, customer text entries, display texts, and categories.

Unsupported product types: Package add-ons (when a start and end date are not applied to a package).

Instructions for scheduling products: When creating the supported price list product types (refer to these help files and help videos for instructions for building price list products), enter the date that you would like the product to become accessible to customers in the "Start At" date field. Then enter the date that you would like the product to become inaccessible to customers in the "End At" date field. 

To schedule an existing price list product

  1. Click Price Lists at the top of your SimplePhoto dashboard.
  2. Click Products next to the applicable price list.
  3. Click the Edit Product or Edit Package button next to the applicable product or package.
  4. Enter a start date (date you would like the product to become active) and/or end date (date that you would like the product to become inactive) in the corresponding Start At and End At date fields.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update.

Additional Notes:

  • If start and end dates are applied, the product will start and end on the change hour and in accordance with the account's timezone. The Timezone and Expiration/Change Hour can be adjusted inside Photographer Information found on the SimplePhoto Dashboard.
  • Inactive products will appear greyed out and either a "(starts on X)" or "(ended on X)" appears after the product name to signify either when a product will start/become active or when a product has ended/become inactive.
  • If both a product and its corresponding product category have a start and/or end date, whichever start and end date arrives first will be applied.
  • Applied Start & End dates will be copied when a product or price list is copied.