Composite Product

A Composite Product is a single product with multiple image nodes and/or text nodes.  Also called “Multinode Products”. Greeting Cards, Graduation Announcements, Collages.

  1. Inside of your price list under Add Price List Items, click Composite Product.
  2. In the Product Name field, enter the name of your product (Ex: “3 - Pose Composite").
  3. You can set a price for this product in the Retail Price field. (Ex: 15.00).
  4. Set the maximum number of poses for this composite product in the Maximum number of poses field.
  5. You can upload a graphic to this product by clicking Choose File and navigating to the graphic on your computer. You can also add the graphic by dragging and dropping it onto the Choose File button.
  6. In the Description field, you can add any descriptive text for this product (Ex. “Your choice of 3 poses on a lovely greeting card!”)
  7. Click Add.
  8. Enter an Image Node Name for the first node/slot of the composite. This name usually corresponds to the position of the pose on the composite. If the first pose is at the top of the composite, the Image Node Name would be "Top."
  9. Click Add Another and repeat step 8 for the next two nodes - "Bottom Left" and "Bottom Right".

Image Nodes:

Top (1 selection)
Bottom Left (1 selection)
Bottom Right (1 selection)

Other possible naming conventions are below:

Image Nodes:

Pose 1
Pose 2
Pose 3


Image Nodes:

Pose (3 selections)


When previewed with a gallery the composite will appear as follows:


You can add a Composite to a Package:

Create a 3 - Pose composite in your price list. Once that is created, click Products next to the package and click Add Composite. You will now see an option to add the 3 - Pose composite to this package.

Additional Notes

  • If Do not sell a-la-carte is selected inside of the composite, the composite will be available to add as a package product or package add-on, but the composite product will not appear by itself in the price list.
  • Composite package product poses are limited to the maximum number of poses set inside the Edit Package screen.
  • LimitationIf the checkbox is ticked next to Pose limitations apply to Addon products inside the Edit Package screen, these pose limitations do not apply to composite package add-ons.