Variable Package

A Variable Package is a product that allows a customizable selection of poses and sheets/units. Allows the customer to create a custom mix-and-match package of items or differently-sized prints until the sheet/unit limit has been met. Also called a BYO (Build Your Own) package. Select sheets until your units are gone!

  1. Inside of your price list under Add Price List Items, click Package.
  2. Set the type to Variable.
  3. In the Product Name field, enter the name of your product (Ex: “Package 4 - Build Your Own!”).
  4. You can upload a graphic to this product by clicking Choose File next to Package Image and navigating to the graphic on your computer. You can also add the graphic by dragging and dropping it onto the Choose File button.
  5. You can set a price for this product in the Retail Price field (Ex: $119.00).
  6. Set the number of sheets/units in the Number of Package Units field (Ex: “6”).
  7. Set the maximum number of poses for this package in the Maximum number of poses field (Ex: “3”)
  8. In the Description field, you can add any descriptive text for this product (See Ex. 1)
  9. Click Add when complete.

Ex. 1:

Package Description:

1 - 11x14  (2units)

1 - 8x10

2 - 5x7

4 - 4x5

8 - Wallets

Once you click Add you will be taken to the Package Product page. Add a package product for each sheet or unit in your package that needs a pose selection.

In this Example:

  1. Enter the Product Name for the first product as 1 - 11x14.
  2. Set the Item Unit Value to 2.
  3. Click Add Another to add the next product.
  4. Note: In this example, the 11x14 print is worth 2 units; the other products are worth 1 unit. Purchasing this product will deduct 2 units from your total 6 unit allotment. Add a product for each of the items listed below with the following unit values:

1 - 11x14 (2 units)

1 - 8x10 (1 unit)

2 - 5x7 (1 unit)

4 - 4x5 (1 unit)

8 - Wallets (1 unit)