Package Add-Ons

To add add-ons to a Fixed or Variable package, inside of your price list, click Add-ons next to an existing package and click New Print/Product Add-on to add a Product Quantity add-on. You can also add the following types of add-ons to packages:

New Additional Pose - Allow customer to purchase more pose selections to use toward package products.

New Additional Unit (Variable only) - Allow the customer to purchase more units for a package.

  1. In the Product Name field, enter the name of your add-on (Ex: “1-8x10").
  2. Set a price for the package in the Retail Price field. (Ex: $5.00).
  3. You can upload a graphic to this product by clicking Choose File next to Add-on Product Image and navigating to the graphic on your computer. You can also add the graphic by dragging and dropping it onto the Choose File button.
  4. In the Description field, you can enter a description for the add-on.  (See Ex.1).
  5. Click Finish to finish this add-on or click Add another to add another add-on.

Note: Add-ons don’t necessarily have to be sheets; they could be anything - buttons, montages, composites, etc.

 To Limit Add-ons to package poses:

  1. Click Edit Package next to the Package.
  2. Check the box next to Pose limitations apply to Add-on productsThis feature (when checked) prevents your customer from selecting additional poses for add-on prints; instead their add-on print poses must fall within the "Maximum Number of Poses" pre-set by the photographer.

To copy Add-ons from one package to another:

  1. Once Add-ons have been added to one package, to copy the add-on to another package, click Add-ons next to the first Package.
  2. Scroll down and from the drop-down next to Copy the Add-ons shown above to Package: select the package you would like to copy the add-ons into.
  3. Click Copy Add-ons.

To add Composite Add-ons to packages:

Note: A composite product must already exist in your price list

  1. Click Add-ons next to the package
  2. Click New Composite.
  3. Select a composite product from the Composite Print drop-down.
  4. Enter a Price for the composite. This price will override the price set outside of the package so that you can have one price for the a la carte composite and another for the package add-on.