Payment setup in SimplePhoto

SimplePhoto can send your orders to the payment gateway. The first step in using is to create an account.
If you do not already have a merchant account:
Click here and click the "Sign Up Now" button under the "Payment Gateway & Merchant Account" heading. Once the account setup process is complete, see the instructions below to setup your account with SimplePhoto.
If you already accept credit cards through a merchant account:
If you already have a merchant account and would like to connect your merchant account with SimplePhoto, please ask your Merchant Service Provider for your "VAR sheet" documentation. Once you have the VAR sheet, use this link to sign up for During the setup process for, you will be asked to provide information found on the VAR sheet. Please contact the SimplePhoto support team at any time if you have any questions. Alternatively, some merchant banks such as Bank of America or Wells Fargo are able to setup the account on your behalf.  
(Optional) Make sure the Address Verification Service settings inside are setup properly
We suggest that you turn-off AVS verification inside your account, as a way to prevent the authorization holds customers are seeing on their bank statement. The holds are being placed because the credit card companies are approving the authorization for the transaction and then the transaction is being declined due to the Address Verification Service settings inside We feel the risk of fraudulent charges for online photography print orders with an incorrect billing address is extremely low, while the disruption caused by customers who have holds placed on their account can be high. Below are instructions to adjust the Address Verification Settings so that transactions are not declined due to a customer entering an incorrect billing address:
  • Login to the Merchant Control Panel:
  • Click on the Account link near the top of the screen, then click the Enhanced Address Verification Service link in the Security Settings section.
  • In the Address and ZIP Code Responses section, check the “Allow, Report Triggered Filter(s)” options for the N and A rows.
  • Also as recommended by in the Tips section on the Address Verification Service settings screen, we recommend that you enable the “Allow” option for “U The address information for the cardholder is unavailable.”
Setup your account with SimplePhoto:

Login to the Merchant Control Panel here:

Make sure your account is not in TEST MODE using the steps outlined in this help page:
Make sure Billing Address fields are not required's latest Accept.js integration method does not allow the customer billing address to be captured or passed (only the billing zip code is used). The Address, City, State, and Country billing address fields are not required by default for Please follow these instructions to make sure the Address, City, State, and Country billing address fields are not required in your account.
  • Click on the Account link.
  • Click on the Payment Form link under the Transaction Submission Settings section.
  • Click on the Form Fields link.
  • Uncheck the "Required" checkbox for the AddressCityState, and Country fields under the "Customer Billing Information" heading. API Login ID and Transaction Key
  1. The API Login ID and Transaction Key can be obtained in the merchant control panel website by clicking on the Account tab, then click the API Login ID and Transaction Key link in the Security Settings section. The "Transaction Key" will be a set of 16 characters, such as "OEUc8c1jdc28U9c7”. Public Client Key
  1. The Public Client Key can be obtained in the merchant control panel website by clicking on the Account tab, then click on the Manage Public Client Key link.

Add information to SimplePhoto

  1. Login to your SimplePhoto account.  Click on the How you Collect link in the My Account section of the Dashboard.
  2. Provide your API Login IDTransaction Key, and Public Client Key in the fields provided.  All values are case sensitive, so the same uppercase and lowercase values viewed in must be added in SimplePhoto.
  3. Click the Update button.