troubleshooting steps

Below are typical error responses seen by customers when an transaction fails.

"The configuration with processor is invalid. Call Merchant Service Provider."
This error indicates some type of setup issue between and your merchant bank. We can schedule a time to have a conference call with you and, but our support team will most likely not need to be involved in order for to correct this issue. merchant support contact details can be found on this site:

"User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values."
This error indicates the " API Login ID" is invalid and/or the " transaction key" or is invalid. When we have seen this error in the past and verified that the API Login ID matches, the way to fix this issue is to generate a new transaction key using the Merchant Control Panel.

"The merchant does not accept this type of card."
Follow these instructions to make sure the expected credit card types are set up properly with and your merchant bank: