Payment Gateway - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I use the payment gateway and I'm suddenly starting to hear reports that my customer is seeing an error message such as "User authentication failed". What can I do?

A. We have found that a common reason this type of issue occurs is that another Transaction Key was generated for some other purpose, and the new Transaction Key was not added to SimplePhoto.

Please login to and obtain your latest API Login ID and API Transaction Key. The API Login ID and Transaction Key can be obtained in the merchant control panel website by clicking on the Account tab, then click the API Login ID and Transaction Key link in the Security Settings section. 
The Transaction Key can only be seen when it is first generated, so you will either need to use an updated Transaction Key that you recently generated or generate a new Transaction Key. The Transaction Key will be a set of 16 characters, such as "ABCc8c1jdc28U9c7”.
Most likely your API Login ID has not changed, but it is still a good idea to make sure the proper API Login ID is stored in your SimplePhoto account.
Once you have the necessary information from, please log in to your SimplePhoto account and click on How You Collect. Please paste your new, updated information in the corresponding fields labeled API Login and Transaction Key.
Please give us a call if you have any difficulty getting the latest Transaction Key added to your SimplePhoto account.