Tab-Delimited Import

Studios can upload images and data to SimplePhoto using a tab-delimited upload format.

The export folder should contain one data file with either a ".tsv" file extension or the filename "INDEX.TXT". The folder should also contain JPEG image files with the .jpg extension. Images will be resized (if necessary) and watermarked using maximum image size specified in the "Gallery Layout" settings page and the watermark specified in the "Watermark" settings page. We recommend that you upload only one export using the import page at a time.

Click here to download a compressed example tab-delimited import. 

Here's an explanation of the tab-delimited fields in the "INDEX.TXT" file or a file ending in a ".tsv" extension:

1. Job Name
2. Image Filename
3. Password
4. Last Name
5. First Name
6. Homeroom
7. Email Address 1
8. Email Address 2
9. Mobile Phone 1
10. Mobile Phone 2

The "Job Name" field should be the same for every record in an import. If the "Job Name" value matches an existing folder in your account, the new galleries will be added to that existing folder.

All images with the same password will be added to the same gallery. If there are repeated passwords in a tab-delimited import, one gallery will be created for each unique password. Repeated passwords must be sequential.

Passwords are not case-sensitive.

The student's name does not appear on the website that students and parents see. When an order is placed, the student's name will appear in the order notification email sent to photographers.

NOTE - There can be no variations of how you set up your information; it has to match our specifications exactly.

Once you are ready to upload, follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to your SimplePhoto account.
  2. Click on the Import tab located at the top of the dashboard.
  3. Click on the Tab-Delimited Import link.
  4. Click Add Folder. Select the folder with images and"INDEX.TXT" file or a file ending in a ".tsv" extension.
  5. Click Upload Now.