Timestone Import

Please note that the new Timestone FTP import processing system is in the customer testing phase, so features are subject to change.

We recommend that Timestone customers use an FTP program like WinSCP or Filezilla to transfer the Timestone export folders. Please contact a support representative to receive FTP login information.

The information and features described below only apply to Timestone imports processed using the new FTP upload system, not Timestone imports uploaded using a web browser.

Timestone integration settings

Use the Integration Settings link on the SimplePhoto Dashboard to configure how Timestone uploads are processed. 

  • If you have not done so already, enable the checkbox next to Timestone in the Software in use field. Click Save to see the additional settings for Timestone users.
  • The Timestone upload processing setting determines how Timestone imports are processed. 
    • If "Process automatically" is selected, uploads will be processed as soon as possible, usually within 15 minutes after the upload is complete. 
    • If "Process manually" is selected, uploads will not be processed until a studio administrator processes the job using the View Queued Imports screen in the Imports tab.

    Pro Tip: Even if you intend to process imports automatically, we recommend starting with the "Process manually" setting enabled so that you can ensure fields are mapped properly before processing imports. See a full list of pros and cons of different processing types below.

  • The Timestone fields (Password, Email Address 1, Phone 1, etc) determine which fields in the Timestone upload will be used by SimplePhoto.

Please note: SimplePhoto currently does not have a way to allow different field names for different Timestone export types. If you need this capability, please contact the SimplePhoto support team.

Pros and Cons of different processing types

Automatic processing 
Pros - Imports are processed as quickly as possible.
Cons - You are not able to control the price list assigned to each import. Your account's default price list is assigned to all Timestone imports. You are also not able to automatically put each uploaded job into a specific folder in SimplePhoto. All imported jobs will be added to the top-level folder.

Manual processing
Pros - You can set the price list and folder for each import. The View Queued Imports screen also shows the field values for the first subject in the import, allowing you to make sure field mappings are setup properly for each import.
Cons - Additional action needs to be taken in the SimplePhoto Photographer Control panel before each uploaded import is available online.

Using the "View Queued Imports" screen for import processing

After uploads have been received, an email notification will be sent to your account's Import Notification Email Address as set in the Photographer Information settings screen.

Click the  View Queued Imports link from the Imports tab to show all the unprocessed Timestone imports received.

  • Verify that the first gallery fields are appearing as expected for the pending imports. If there is a mapping issue, use the Adjust Timestone integration settings link at the bottom to adjust the Timestone field mappings. Then, navigate back to the View Queued Imports screen and use the [Reload fields] link to reload the "First Gallery Details:" information. If the information is still not pulling in as expected, repeat the process or reach out to the SimplePhoto support team for help.
  • Change the price list and/or folder assignment for each queued import (if desired). By default, your account's default price list will be assigned to new galleries and a new top-level folder will be created for each import.
  • Check the checkboxes next to the desired imports and then click the Process Selected Imports button to process the queued Timestone imports. The following screen may take a long time to load depending on the size of the imports. You should see a success message for every import processed.
  • Click the Show processed imports link at the bottom to view a list of all processed imports. When previously processed imports are included, each import shown on the screen with have an "Already processed?" indicator.