Storefront Setup

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Customizing the Appearance of Your Shopping Cart

No account is complete without a custom color-theme, studio logo, storefront page, and watermark. You can control these via the links found on the “Settings” pane, located on your SimplePhoto account dashboard. 

Need help? Our support team would be happy to assist you in customizing your storefront.

Customize your color-theme

Themes control your the look of your account, including the colors used for background, font, and links. There are several pre-designed styles to choose from, or you can create your own.

  1. From the Dashboard click Account Design. Under Theme click the Manage Themes button. Click Add Theme. Customize your theme and click Save.

 Attach Your Logo

  1. From the Dashboard in the Settings pane, click on Account Design. Under the Logo heading, click Choose File. 
  2. Once you have chosen your logo, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

Note: You may use Photoshop or another graphics program to create a new logo or modify your current logo to blend with your online gallery pages.  For optimal quality on mobile devices, we recommend that photographer logos be no larger than 100 pixels high and 300 pixels wide. If a website address is defined in the "Photographer Information" page, the logo image will hyperlink to the website address. Larger logos may affect the appearance of your gallery pages and the placement of your images.

Customize Your Storefront Login Page

By default, your account storefront comes with minimal information. The page shows the Private Galleries Login Box (where your customers will enter their password to access the gallery or prepay event), some general, default text, and a generic storefront image that you can use or replace with your own.

Share a message

You can share a message with every customer who arrives at the login page.

  1. From the Dashboard in the Settings pane, click on Account Design. Under the Customer Storefront heading, fill out the text in the Storefront Text field.

Attach a Storefront Image

Your storefront image is a single .JPG photograph or a collage of photographs that represent the spirit of the work that you provide.

  1. From the Dashboard in the Settings pane, click on Account Design. Under Customer Storefront/Storefront Image, click Choose File.

Note: You may use Photoshop to create a collage of images. The recommended marque image size is no larger than 500 x 500 pixels.

Customize your footer

  1. From your Dashboard, under the Settings pane, click Account Design.
  2. Scroll down and click inside of the Footer text field. Here you can edit the footer text that appears at the bottom of your SimplePhoto storefront, price lists and galleries.

  To add a hyperlink to any footer text:

  1. Select the text, click the Link icon, and under the Link Info enter the URL for the text.