On-Demand Email with Image Gallery Links

Accessing multiple galleries and ordering for siblings just got easier!

Does your studio receive calls because a parent forgot their password or they're unable to locate image gallery links for siblings? You now have the option to allow customers to quickly and securely request automated email access to all of their galleries on-demand. Customers can visit a new link unique to your SimplePhoto account, enter their email address, and receive a single email that will contain a link to all image galleries associated to their email address. When customers access their image galleries via this email, they can easily navigate between galleries to make ordering from multiple galleries easier.

Get started using this feature:

To access your account's unique link for the On-Demand Email screen, click Marketing at the top of your dashboard and On-Demand Email with Gallery Image Links. On this page, you can adjust the Header Text to include an instructional message that will be shown to customers. If no custom message is present, the default message, "Enter your email address to receive a link to your galleries," will appear. 

You can also customize the Email Subject and Email Message that your customer will receive. You may populate the subject and message with your account information for the available parameters listed below:

  • Email Subject: [Company Name]
  • Email Message: [GalleryLinkAddress], [Logo], [CompanyName]
    • [Company Name] - Your company name as entered in the "Photographer Information" screen.
    • [GalleryLinkAddress] - Gallery link in a non-hyperlink form. Required for customers to access their image galleries.
    • [Logo] - Your company logo will be inserted. This requires that a logo be uploaded in the "Account Design" setting screen.

The Gallery Link Email Reports found at the bottom of the settings screen include the number of emails sent using this feature, order count, order total, and click count.


The on-demand email will only include links for image galleries; prepay event links are not included. Currently, only links for image galleries created since 8/1/2020 will be included in the emails. Please contact us if you need to include galleries created before this date.

Tips for set-up:

Depending on how you would like your customers to access this feature, we've included a few recommended places to add the  On-Demand Gallery Link below:

  • Add the link to your personal website. This is helpful if you want this feature front and center and could potentially reduce the amount of clicking and searching a customer might have to do to access all of their students' image galleries.
  • Add the link to your customer Storefront Text field or Footer, found in the Account Design screen under the Settings pane on your dashboard. If you've directed customers to your SimplePhoto storefront to access their image gallery, this is helpful if a customer cannot remember their password(s) or if they did not receive any gallery notification emails.

  • Add the link to your Global Gallery Homepage Text field, found in the Gallery & Prepay Settings screen under the Settings pane on your dashboard. This is helpful if a customer has entered a gallery via a password or email link, but they aren't able to find the email notification or password for a sibling gallery to checkout for multiple students.