Import & Manage Contacts

To upload a list of email addresses and mobile numbers associated to existing gallery passwords, you'll need to set up a text file document in the following manner and then import the comma-separated information into SimplePhoto.

The first line of the imported text should be either password,email,phone, password,email, or password,phone.

The text should be separated by line breaks. Check to make sure there are no commas in the email addresses as this will cause errors when importing.
Please note that duplicate lines in an import file are ignored. If an email address is already associated with a specific gallery, that email address will not be imported twice for that specific gallery.

Example of what you'll enter in Step #4 is below:





How to import contacts associated with existing gallery passwords:

  1. Login to your SimplePhoto account.
  2. Click the Marketing link at the top of your Dashboard.
  3. Click the Import Contacts link.
  4. Copy/paste from a separate text file or word document the comma-separated list of gallery passwords, email addresses, and/or phone numbers (separated by line breaks, no commas in the email addresses). The first line of imported text should include one of the following:
    • password,email,phone
    • password,email
    • password,phone
  5. Click the Import button. Upon importing, SimplePhoto will search account-wide for a matching password.
  6. Once contact information has been imported, you will see a count of emails and phone numbers imported and/or not imported, along with a list of any non-matching passwords.

NOTE: To learn how to download a list of passwords for an existing folder of galleries, Click Here.

How to view imported email addresses and phone numbers:

  1. Login to your SimplePhoto account.
  2. Click the Marketing link at the top of your Dashboard.
  3. Click the Manage Contacts link.
  4. Adjust the date range filter if needed and click Change Dates.
  5. Click Show Contact Filters to access any additional filtering options. Click Filter Addresses if any additional filtering options have been selected.
  6. If any contact information exists for the selected filters, you will see a list that includes the date and time the contact was added, the email address or phone number, the type of contact or how the contact was added, and the Gallery or Event Name.