School Order Report Links

SimplePhoto studios can send a special link and password to a school’s administrator or staff member that will allow them to view online prepay orders. Prepay orders made in the last year are shown for each folder’s unique link and password. 

To enable this feature, go to the Gallery & Event Settings link on the SimplePhoto Dashboard. Choose the "On" option next to School Order Report links, then click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

To see a folder's School Order Report link and password, click on the Galleries tab in the SimplePhoto Photographer Control Panel and navigate to the Folder Control Panel for the desired school folder. Click the Folder Utilities button and scroll down to the School Orders Report Link section. The School Orders Report password is the same as the folder password. If no folder password has been assigned, you will see a Generate School Orders Report Link button. Once you click that button, a password will be assigned to the school folder and the Yearbook Advisor Link will appear at the bottom. 

Just below the School Orders Report Link is the School Orders Report password. Please note that the school administrator will need to enter this password in order to gain access to the school orders report site. Please note that if the folder's password is changed, the School Orders Report Link and password will also change and any old links will become invalid.