Link Your Existing Website to SimplePhoto

To link your existing website to your SimplePhoto Storefront:

  1. Login to SimplePhoto.
  2. Click Dashboard at the top of your Control Panel.
  3. Copy the your storefront link under the Settings pane underneath Your Storefront Link. This url is a direct link to your SimplePhoto Storefront.
  4. Have your web designer create a "Click here to order" or "Order Now" button on your personal website using your storefront link. When customers click the "Order Now" button they will be taken to your SimplePhoto Storefront where they can enter their Search Code to order.

To embed the search box directly inside of your personal website (for technical personnel only):

  1. Login to SimplePhoto.
  2. Click on Help at the top of the Photographer Control Panel.
  3. Click Embed Login Form.
  4. Have your web designer use the HTML code provided here as a starting point for your Private Galleries Login Form.