Resend Digital Download links

As stated in our Digital Download help file and as explained to end customers, Digital Download files are removed from SimplePhoto servers two weeks after the order is placed.

In some cases, customers do not take the necessary action and download the files themselves. In order to resend the digital download files to the customers, a new order will need to be placed with the same digital download products ordered for the desired images. Photographers can use the "Cash Sale" button on the Gallery Control Panel for the desired gallery to place an order containing the desired digital download products. When placing this new order, photographers can either specify their own email address or the customer's email address. When the new order has been placed, send the Order ID to the SimplePhoto support team at with a message that this order was placed to resend digital download links. The SimplePhoto support team will then make sure that this order is removed from the SimplePhoto orders report and no transaction fee is charged.