What Happens If No Payment Preferences Are Set-up In An Account?

If you do not have a payment gateway account (Square, Stripe, PayPal,  Authorize.net or USAEpay) set-up inside your “How You Collect" section on the Dashboard, your account will default to accept "Cash/Checks." When customers checkout using the "Cash/Check" option, they see the following message by default: "Thank you for Ordering. We will be in touch with you to confirm your order and arrange payment."

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What happens if a customer has already placed an order?
At this point you have several options for handling your customer's order. You can contact your customer and let them know there was an error and purchasing online is not available at this time and you owe them no refund since they never paid. Another option is to contact the customer and get payment for the order. Once you have received payment, you can order the print for your customer.