Add a Yearbook Pose Selection

Customers can select their school yearbook pose online. Multiple yearbook pose selections are available. Customers will only be able to choose one pose as their yearbook pose for each yearbook pose selector product created in a price list. You may also download a report of students who have or haven't picked their yearbook pose.
How to add a Yearbook Pose to an existing price list:
  1. Inside of your price list under Add Price List Items, click Yearbook Pose.
  2. Enter a Product Name such as "Yearbook Pose" or "Yearbook Pose 1", if multiple Yearbook Pose Selectors will be added.
  3. Enter any descriptive text in the Description field if required.
  4. Click Finish.
  5. Note: Once a gallery is associated to this price list, customers will be prompted to select their yearbook pose immediately upon entering their gallery.

Enable/disable Yearbook Pose Settings:

  1. Login to SimplePhoto.
  2. Click on Price List Settings under the Setting pane on your Dashboard.
  3. Check the Yearbook Pose Optional checkbox to allow customers to purchase images without selecting a yearbook pose. This setting is only applicable for price lists that contain yearbook poses.
  4. Check the Yearbook Pose in price list checkbox if you would like the yearbook selection to also appear in the price list. If the yearbook pose is set to be optional and a customer bypasses the yearbook pose selection by clicking Continue Shopping, the yearbook pose selection will appear again on the cart screen.
  5. Scroll down and click Save Changes.
See our help file for how to run a report to filter out customers who have picked their Yearbook Pose: Click HERE.
See our help file for how to clear a yearbook pose submission, once it's been placed. This will allow the customer to re-select their Yearbook pose: Click  HERE.