Account Administrators

The Account Administrator feature allows you to set up a unique username and password with different access controls for each team member who needs to utilize your SimplePhoto Photographer Control Panel.

The studio's master account login credentials can be found inside Photographer Information under the My Account pane from your SimplePhoto dashboard.

Only the studio master account login or an existing account administrator with full access can add, edit or delete an account administrator.

To create additional Account Administrators:

  1. Click Account Administrators under the My Account pane from your SimplePhoto dashboard.
  2. Click Add administrator account.
  3. Enter the Account Administrator Name, Username, Password, and Email Address into the corresponding fields. Note: Usernames are not case sensitive. Passwords are case sensitive. Passwords must be at least 10 characters long and contain both letters and numbers.
  4. Choose the level of access that you would like to authorize for the new account administrator from the drop-down next to Type.
    1. Limited Access accounts are designed for customer service personnel who need access to view order receipts or check on the status of gallery uploads, but they do not need access to order totals in reports and many account setup screens like payment gateway settings.
    2. Full Access accounts have the same authority as the studio's master account, except they do not have access to the "Photographer Information" settings screen.
  5. Click Create to add the new Account Administrator.

To edit or delete an existing Account Administrator:

  1. Click Account Administrators under the My Account pane from your SimplePhoto dashboard.
  2. Click Edit next to the existing administrator account that you would like to adjust or delete.
  3. Click Delete Account to remove the account administrator or click Update to save any edited information.

SimplePhoto will add more logging features using multiple user accounts, so administrators will be able to track which users made changes to the account.