Send Gallery Notification Emails to customers for PhotoLynx uploads

If you upload to SimplePhoto using a PhotoLynx product and you have customer email addresses inside your PhotoLynx jobs, follow these instructions to have SimplePhoto send email notifications to customers when galleries are available.

  1. Login to the SimplePhoto Control Panel.
  2. First, set up a new Gallery Notification email template using the Email Templates link in the Email Marketing pane. This email template will be used later to send emails to customers when galleries are created inside SimplePhoto. For reference, please find the Help File for How to create an Email Template link to galleries.
  3. On the SimplePhoto Dashboard, click the Email Marketing Settings link in the Marketing pane.
  4. Check the Store imported email addresses and the Send emails when importing checkboxes.
  5. Select the desired email template in the Notification Email Template field.
  6. Enter the appropriate field name in the PhotoLynx Email Data Field text box. The value entered here should match the data field in PhotoLynx that is used to store the customer's email address. Frequently this will be in a field labeled either "Email" or "EmailAddress".
  7. Click the Update button to save your changes to Email Marketing Settings.
Please note: if you do not see the PhotoLynx Email Data Field text box on the Email Marketing Settings form, click on the Photographer Information link on the SimplePhoto Dashboard. Then scroll to the bottom and check the PhotoLynx checkbox in the Software in use section and click the Update button.