Send a Test Email to yourself

We recommend that photographers first test sending an email template to themselves before mass emailing customers.

Send a test email:
  1. Click Marketing at the top of your SimplePhoto dashboard.
  2. Click Email Templates.
  3. Click Edit next to the template you would like to test.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email address in the text box found below the Sent Test Emails header. You may enter a comma-separated list of up to three email addresses.
  5. Click Send Test.
  6. Check to see that you received the email and that everything appears as desired.

Things to look for when testing your email template:

  • Click any links and make sure you are redirected to the appropriate location.
  • Check to make sure any parameters appear as expected. See this help file for more information about the different available parameters: Email Template Parameters
  • If a link parameter was used, check to make sure the information appears as desired and click to make sure you are successfully redirected to the appropriate location. For example, if you type '[WebsiteLink]' inside the Email Text field, a link to your website will be placed in that spot. This is better than adding your website link using the text editor because, if you decide to change your website address later and you have used the [WebsiteLink] parameter, you will not need to update your Email Templates. 
  • View the email with images turned off in Gmail, to make sure the email looks good for customers who automatically turn off images (the default in Gmail).
  • Make sure the email looks good on a smartphone.
  • Test the email in Gmail and try to get it to not appear in the promotions tab. This is especially important for "Your Gallery is Online" notification email messages. If your email campaign is truly for promotional purposes, it will be very difficult to get it to not be considered a promotion by Gmail and we recommend allowing it to go into the Gmail promotions tab. Here are some tips for getting your email notification messages to not appear in the Gmail promotions tab:
    • Don't use all caps in the email subject or text, even for one word (such as "Receive a FREE 8x10!")
    • Avoid exclamation marks or symbols like % & # in the email subject line
    • If text appears inside a graphic, repeat the text content contained as regular text at the bottom of the email. This will also help in cases where customers do not click the link to view images inside the email (which is required in some email clients).