I use a different payment gateway than what SimplePhoto offers. Will SimplePhoto integrate with my current payment gateway?

SimplePhoto does not currently have the resources to implement every payment gateway requested by our customers. SimplePhoto has chosen to implement the leading payment gateways on the market, which are from our perspective Authorize.net, PayPal, Square, and Stripe. We also support the USAePay payment gateway. There are dozens of US-based payment gateway systems that compete with Authorize.net, including NMI, PayJunction, Elavon, USAePay, WorldPay, Merchant e-Solutions, and PaymentExpress. We hope that one of our existing payment gateway integrations will meet your needs.

The primary reason SimplePhoto is hesitant to integrate with new payment gateways is that each gateway we add increases our ongoing maintenance costs and risk of payment processing issues. Based on our experience, we feel there is a high likelihood that some order payment failures will occur for each new payment gateway supported by SimplePhoto. These failures could be due to things like nuances of the payment gateway that our developers did not expect or software bugs introduced in the integration code.
Another reason we hesitate to integrate with new payment gateways are the upfront development costs. Each gateway offers unique integration methods and the amount of development effort involved in integrating new payment gateways can vary widely.