Prepay Order Data - Drums

Setup SimplePhoto PrePay event with Job ID:
When setting up a Prepay event inside SimplePhoto, add the DRUMS Job ID to in the "Job Number" field in the SimplePhoto PrePay Event form.
How to obtain the Job Number for DRUMS jobs: 
The DRUMS Job ID for each job can be found in the Job List Report in DRUMS. To run this report go to the Administration menu, select Jobs and then Job List Report. Click the Preview button.  Locate the job you're setting up in SimplePhoto and copy the value in the Job ID column into the SimplePhoto Job Number field.
Create SimplePhoto lab products and prepay price list:

Setup lab products inside SimplePhoto that correspond to the products setup in DRUMS.  Please note the product codes used, they will be added to DRUMS. See the How to setup Lab Products help page for instructions on setting up lab products in SimplePhoto.

Create a prepay price list with lab products.  Make one customer text entry price list item named for the Student ID.  Currently, the Student ID field must be the first field in the price list.

Drums expects there to be text entry fields for the Student ID, Student First Name, Student Last Name, and Student Phone Number.  The Student ID field must be present to match students by their Student ID. If no match is found based on Student ID, DRUMS will search for a matching student using Student First Name and Student Last Name.
In order for DRUMS to be able to identify these fields, one of two approaches may be taken:
  1. The customer text entry field name can contain the text "first name", "last name", "phone number", "student id", or "student locator".
  2. The customer text entry field can be associated with a customer text entry lab product who's product code is "Student ID", "First Name", "Last Name", or "Phone Number".
Setup package plan in DRUMS:
DRUMS customers who are setting up an existing package plans for SimplePhoto will only need to add the "Web Order Package Description" field to existing packages. The "Web Order Package Description" information will need to be populated for every package plan that is associated with a Job in DRUMS that will receive imported orders.
  1. Open DRUMS.
  2. Select the menu "Administration -> Package Plan Design"
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    • Package Description
    • Price
    • Web Order Package Description
    • Available Templates
    • Qty
  4. Type the SimplePhoto Product Code into the "Web Order Package Description" field.  Select one item in the first "Available Templates" menu.
  5. Here are some example values for the fields of a package:
    • Package Description: 8x10
    • Price: 10.00
    • SimplePhoto Package Description: 810CODE
    • Available Templates: 1 8x10 
    • Qty: 1
  6. Click the Save button at the bottom.
  7. Complete these steps for all products in your price list.  To move to the next package in this plan, click the "Package" drop down menu to the right of the "Package Description" label. 
Download Prepay order data from SimplePhoto

Prepay order data can be downloaded for either a prepay event or a prepay price list.

To download order data for a prepay event:

  1. Navigate to the Prepay Event Control Panel for the desired prepay event
  2. Click on the "View Orders" button.

To download order data for a prepay price list:

  1. Go to the Price List tab,
  2. Click on Products next to the test DRUMS prepay price list. Click the "Download Prepay Order Data" button.
  3. Select either the "Package selections in a single column with Product Codes" or the the "DRUMS Prepay (older one column per product format)" export type. The "DRUMS Prepay (older one column per product format)" may not work if your prepay price list has lab product options associated to each price list product.
  4. The Export File Format is "Text File".
  5. Click the "Download Prepay Data" button.
Setup folders to use as the "SimplePhoto Hotfolder" and "SimplePhoto Archive Folder":
In Windows explorer, setup folders named "Prepay" and "PrepayArchive".  You can set these folders up anywhere you like, such as the My Documents folder.
  1. Copy the SimplePhoto Prepay Order Data file
  2. Copy the SimplePhoto Prepay Order Data file you downloaded from SimplePhoto into the SimplePhoto Hotfolder.
  3. Import the SimplePhoto Prepay Order Data.
  4. Select the menu "Tools -> Import Simple Photo Orders - Prepay".
  5. Type or select the location of the Simple Photo Hotfolder and SimplePhoto Archive Folder.
  6. Select the desired file in the "Files Available For Import" box or click the "Select All" button.  Make sure the line is highlighted blue.  If the file isn't selected properly, the import will not work.
  7. Click the "Import" button.
  8. You should see a message telling you how many orders were imported.
  9. You should see a list of orders in the "Student Orders Matched" box.
  10. Click the "Select All" button and then click "Add Orders".
  11. You should see a message "Finished adding orders".
  12. Click the "Exit" button
  13. Click the "Cancel" button to close the "SimplePhoto Import" window.

Verify imported orders

To verify the orders were imported properly, double click on the school name in the list of DRUMS jobs.
Use the buttons at the bottom to locate the student records you attempted to import.  You should see a row of data in the "FRAME INFORMATION" section.  The "Pymt Type" should be "Online".  The package columns (P1, P2, P3, etc) will contain the package indexes for the packages ordered.  So if the order contained two 8x10 products and that 8x10 product was the first package in the Package Plan, the P1 and P2 columns will have a value of 1.
You will also notice that at the end of the FRAME INFORMATION, there are values populated for WebOrder, WebOrderID, WebOrderDate, and ShipWebOrder.

What happens if the same web order is imported twice?  
If DRUMS already has a frame record with the same "WebOrderID" as an incoming order, the newly imported order will be ignored.

What happens if two web orders are imported for the same student?  
Right now a "Duplicate Record" message will appear when the second order is imported and that order will not be seen inside DRUMS.

Additional Information about how DRUMS interprets package data from SimplePhoto:
The package codes contained in the SimplePhoto data are all descriptions that are entered in the Web Order Package Description field on the package plan design form and the Simple Photo Code column on the Chromakey Background Maintenance form.  These descriptions are used to match what comes back from Simple Photo to actual package numbers (1-200) and chromakey background numbers to store in the Frames and CCrops tables. -If you want to use 10-1;BG-15;12-1;BG-3;71-2;BG-101 then you would set the Web Order Package Description for package 10 to say 10 and for background 15 you would set it to BG-15.  The -1 or -2 etc. that accompanies the packages is the quantity field.  So 10-1 would mean 1 package 10 and 15-2 would mean 2 package 15s etc.  Some studios assign package numbers to Personalization and Retouching so Retouching-1 would mean 1 of whatever package number had ‘Retouching’ assigned to the Web Order Package Description.